Licence Name Photo Description
A Vandenholt, Bob (chief post)
Marshal since 1976
Bob Vandenholt - Makes more noise than any race car on track

- Did take part in a rally cross, the owner is still repairing the car.

- Slower in a cart than Mark and Peter

- As of 2005 he can be greeted as Pinky :o)

A Jacobs, Martin
Marshal since 1996 in Belgium, before 1996 in Holland
Martin Jacobs

- No longer drives with German license plates, good old Dutch license plates are back on his car

- Can perform an immaculate imitation of a lion in a tree

- "Disconnects" regularly with a tasty wine

A Reijnders, Mark
Marshal since 1999
Mark Reijnders

- Fast in a cart, Bob can't keep up

- Sometimes writes a critical article

B Vijverman, Norman
Marshal since 2006
Norman Vijverman - Enjoys his retirement on the campsite of Circuit Zolder

- Regularly changes the car he drives in (as long as it is a Nissan)

B Munters, Johan
Marshal since 1996
Johan Munters - Runs into an intervention vehicle.

- Is always talking, probably has nothing to say at home !!


B Vrancken, Peter
Marshal since 2003
Peter Vrancken - Also faster in a cart than Bob

- Tries to keep this website up to date

B Gauthier, Marco
Marshal since 2007
Marco Gauthier - Plays with trains

- Can speak a local dialect and makes all of us laugh

- Cooks tasty, spicy soup

- Will be marrying Elke soon

C David, Bernard
Marshal since 2002
Bernard David - Lives in England..........well, almost ;-)

- Ypres Rally volunteer

C Reenaers, Hendrik
Marshal since 2001
Hendrik Reenaers - Not only working during weekends, but also during the week

- Loves Euro coins

C Reenaers, Tom
Marshal since 1995
Tom Reenaers - Is our watermann

- Proud father of 2 sons !!

C Versaevel, Koen
Marshal since 2002
Koen Versaevel - Photographer of beautiful cars, and other beautiful bodyworks !!

- Our own handyman

C Raes, Elke
Marshal since 2006
Elke Raes

- Shy little girl, but I (Bob) think otherwise :)

- Is going to marry Marco soon

C de Loose, Davey
Marshal since 2009
Davey De Loose

- Eats yoghurt out of 1 litre jars

- His words are faster than a F1 car

C van Gastele, Patrick Patrick Van Gastel

- Dutch import

- Raced a Dacia Logan !

- His marshalling wife Elvira sometimes accompanies him to Zolder

C Boerhoop, Elvira Geen foto

- Wife of Patrick van Gastele

- Got proposed at Circuit Zolder, first chicane

- Said "Yes", even if the crowd shouted "Don't do it !"

C Keupers, Peter
Marshal since 2011
Peter Keupers

- His head is always up in the clouds

- (Dis)solves everything, preferably tea powder

- Just married (2014) Hanne

C Munters, Hanne
Marshal in 2005 and 2006
Marshals since 2011
Geen foto

- Daughter of Johan Munters

- Can't live without us so decided to join us after a few years of absence

- Married Peter Keupers recently (2014)

C Jansen, Roy
Marshal since 2013

- Another Dutchman

- Keeps people cool

- Stays a Red Bull fan in these difficult times