Seen in 2013


From the Truck race at Zolder we will always be clearly visible, wherever we are in action in Belgium but also in England, the Netherlands or Germany.

With our own Beach Flag, measure up to 3.45 meters high, so no one can miss VDHB at TRACK!


Dear VDHB members and followers, herewith a report of our weekend during the 24 hours at Zolder
It was Thursday evening training for me and quite a few members.
Friday afternoon we came together with a number of members to build up our post and make a weekend camping beside the track. This year we had some young nw faces who wanted a taste of the whole race weekend, but also two of our friends from England, Paul and Luke. 
(ALWAYS WELCOME) It was with these men a real pleasure to work together.
Saturdaymorning started for everyone with a pretty breakfast and also for lunch.
In the evening we had ordered an Italian buffet at Heuvelland Catering 
(the best of the ,,LIMBURG,, Hills) the reactions of everyone where super. Even our Paul wants it to deliver next year at DTM Brands Hatch.
The activity at post was minimum, some female driver ask Elke mabey i have no fuel anymore. Or at 7 in the morning a drunken Lady at the neck of the PO (me) asked if she could stand here just much hilarity.
Then things happend in the paddock, Limoncello pleasures of a few very attractive ladies, or Carwash on stage. then you also at one of the pictures you see our busy reporter on working for
In GENERAL, we can look back on a very cozy weekend. 
To all of you a big thank you for your efforts! and sleep now well after a very long but funny weekend.


Post 7 and 8 on the track for the big fields with drivers in the ADAC Youngtimer classes, always guaranteed excitement. Many different drivers went out the track into the gravel and in some cases the felt still on post 8.

This is always a weekend to be proud of as an organizer, and would be a perfect line-up for a 24 hours race!


With some volunteers of VDHB again for the 5th time helped in Hasselt during Smeets Jenever rally, while we do the entire deposition, and decoration of the Colonel Dusartplein, and we take an agility trial on the voluntary rally drivers who want, always a very nice affair here to give our cooperation.

And we will move us to the end point. There to rebuild the stage and to welcome the Rally drivers, with as ending the award ceremony and a good meal.

50 YEARS @ ZOLDER, 28-30 JUNI 2013

The celebration of 50 years Circuit Zolder did become a weekend without any major incidents. The very different raceclasses drove their rounds around the track, some classes a bit faster than others.
Nevertheless we are proud to be a part of the rich history of this Circuit and we hope that we and everyone who comes to Zolder will continue to have many years of fun on the racetrack and in the paddock.

RALLY @ YPRES, 27-29 JUNI 2013

With some members of our team we go to Ypres been assisting on the Market at the GEKO YPRES RALLY, as kind of pit lane marshals.
This starts on Thursday with the Shakedown, and then Friday and Saturday until late at night.
This is every year a very nice getaway for a small group of our VDHB members, who then take their spouses with them,  which enjoy themselves also in the lovely cozy Ypres.

2 members of our team are there in the organization namely Bernard and Koen, and we do this now for the 3rd year and it's still a welcome getaway for motorsport enthusiasts like us. A whole other world, but still SUPER.

And our care is always well organized by the organization, B & B is paid for the Marshals, and 2 times a day a hot meal in the school.

And then the necessary soda on the Market  itself, because it is long and quite hard work on some peakmoments.

Here is a small impression of our weekend there.


This past weekend a very RAINY wet, but also we had an exciting weekend on POST6, Friday our BOB, NORMAN and just when MARCO left home was a crash of Jan Versluis VEKA Ferrari on top of the tire wall.
Thanks to BOB the actual leader of this team VDHB'ers for his pictures.

Saturday looked nice and was present at the track with the,, stars,, the Superstars. It was a very quit day, but then the Sunday with 13 members including Patrick and Elvira VDHB the races again with a crash, unfortunately for Elvira, here DREAMCAR, the Chevrolet Camaro in the tires stack.

As a topper in the race of Superstars Laurens van Thoor as 2nd driver of the team of Gianni Morbidelli, he gives the Audi the absolute power, but just before the finish he changes from place with Gianni, because Gianni is in the race for his  championship.

Here are also some photos of the Superstars weekend from post 6. Thanks to our VDHB reporter Mark. We see in the photos a part of the intervention from MotorsTV. And we see Norman speak some friendly words to the driver!

Unfortunately it fell with the visit quite well against, as we had expected much more, also the side program Supercar Challenge could not change this. While the races were extremely exciting.

*** Look at Marco's nice Mercedes necklace during the intervention for the crashed Camaro! ***

DTM @ BRANDS-HATCH, 17-19 MEI 2013

On Friday, May 17th we left early to get the boat from Calais for our annual UK trip , briefly in the afternoon we arrived at the Marshals camping at Brands Hatch , where we then quickly built up our camp and decorated, and have done the necessary shopping in the supermarket to get the days to come through. In the afternoon we walk around the track looked around the paddock , and had a delicious dinner in the KENTAGON. The first night we go to bed early, because most from us were surely tired of traveling , and it was pretty cold . Saturday morning breakfast in the restaurant , this will be given to the marshals offered by the circuit and the organization of the UK Marshals . Then we went to post to met our temporary chief post. We were divided on 2 posts 7 ( Bottom of Graham Hill Bend) and 8 ( Down the Cooper straight) .Myself was at post 7 and from there we had a perfect view of a large part of the circuit , beautiful races in the fringe of the DTM , which were we did not have to do so much. The training of the DTM were very fast , and here also no incidents .After this Saturday training and race, everyone get dressed for a night out some of us go to a local restaurant and the rest in the KENTAGON , then later that evening we had an enjoyable evening there, and we all met . Paul Havell Sunday morning again up early and in the overalls hoisted for the race at Brands Hatch , it was a beautiful sunny day , but we still had what to do, picked up some carbody parts, seen beautiful races , after the race day , quickly to the camp to clean the campsite and try to get home i boat earlier. On the road even know Alexander Marree he was partly responsible for the large screens that lined at the track . And he invited us to be sure to come back next year then we could cook with him in the truck, and watch great movie at the main screen! WOW In short, we can already look back on a very successful trip from a large quantity of the members of VDHB to the UK.