Seen in 2014

24 Hours of Zolder @ ZOLDER, 30-31 AUGUST 2014

In the run up to the 24 hours more and more positive news came up. This edition would be a turnaround after years of seeing a small amount of participants.
Critical as we are, we waited until the Thursday night practice, to see how many cars would really start.
Almost 50 cars at the start of this reborn 24 Hours of Zolder! Superb to see this back after a few years.
Action we had seen on post 3 included the following incidents:
In the preliminary program already a Clio flew into the guardrail. During the 24-hour race, at the same location, a Mazda MX5 crashed into the guardrail. A repair of the guardrail at night was needed in order to continue to guarantee safety.
On the other side of the track the exotic MARC Ford Focus V8 spun out and touched the guardrail. This caused the car to put a piece of bodywork between the guardrail and it took a long time before the car was cut loose and back on track.
The usual spins and trips into the gravel trap also happened of course.
Despite the large field it has become a fairly quiet 24 hours. The drivers were very courteous to each other.
was only in the last hour that we knew who the winner was, because of a mechanical failure on the car on the 2nd place. The leader could not be catched up anymore.
Next year we hope to see the same field and we can once again enjoy the Belgian motorsport!


Another sunny weekend, luckily a bit less hot than during the IDM weekend. This time we were split up on posts 17 and 18. Before and after the Jacky Ickx chicane and at the entry of the pitlane.
The different Caterham classes were complemented with races of the ‘Mighty’ and ‘Super Mighty Minis' and a number of Porsche Boxters and Porsche 924 from Germany.
There were some fierce battles for position and minimal time gaps at the finishline. Despite these battles the contacts between participants were limited. A broken fender, or a busted taillight. Major damage was limited to two crashes on post 14 and 19: a Caterham under the tyre barrier and a Caterham which moved a concrete wall a few inches back, on a straight line at the end of the session.
And finally, a short story by our chief Bob Vandenholt:
We (Henrieke and I) had post 17 and Norman, Peet and Davey post 18, just a wise decision to have 3 capable people to intervene at the gravel trap.  ;)  ;)
After some small skids of several cars and many nice small talks with Henrieke my eye caught a young girl (from The Netherlands) with a professional camera.
As ever I couldn't resist and in my own charming way I invited her to come closer with her 2 friends so she could take better pictures.
She was unlucky to have a pale skin and suffered from the intense heat. Off course our gentleman Henri gave her some sunscreen to put on her feet and arms.
She later informed me it was already too late and she had a decent sunburn!
And so these 3 sympathetic people have accompanied us during the afternoon and were able to enjoy the nice races and our friendly presence!
Thanks to all who attended this weekend!!
Below pictures are taken by our sunburnt guest, thank you Kristel!
Visit her website for more pictures:


Something different than cars. Circuit Zolder is a beloved track for motorists and that's why the Germand IDM Championship visited us. Under a very hot sun we were stationed at post 1. Luckily we are good and thoughtfull marshals, because some bikes including a sidecar, went off track in the first left and needed our help.


The first major weekend of the new season has gone by.
Little action for us because we were at post 16. There are very few interventions, most of the work needs to be done in the gravel at post 15. They had little to do as well. The only thing left for us was to cheer for our "Chief Marshal" Johan Aerts who participates in the Belgian Historic championship.


The first raceday of the year has passed. An enthousiastic group of marshals reported for duty at Circuit Zolder for the Belgian Open Races, formerly known as VW FunCup.

The day started with dry weather, but cloudy and a cold wind. Later a drizzle came down.
No problem for the many Beetles on the track. Some excursions through the gravel traps, all without consequences for the cars and drivers. In our sector a car stalled and we pushed it somewhere safe. Moments later a car spun due to a broken rear suspension. A red flag was issued so we could tow the car safely.
The session did not restart due to problems with noise. My vacuum cleaner makes more noise than these cars! Eventually the program could be continued without any real incidents.
The first raceday of the season finished and we went back home, cold and wet.
We'll meet again next raceweekend at the New Race Festival on 26-27 April.

Someone is happy that the new season as finally begun!